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Monday, April 11, 2011

Easy leveling ninja saga with CE

Okey hack nie utk mereka2 yg xtau nak mengunakan fiddler..
so jgn risau ada juga di sediakan hack lvling mengunakan CE..

caranya mudah saja.. tapi guna fiddler lebih mudah.. so belajar la mengunakan fiddler.. ^_^

1. Buka NS
2. Masuk ke Mission Room
3. Pilih (Grade B) mission
4. Buka CE (sya guna cheat engin 5.6.1)
5. Pilih Process browser yg kamu gunakan.. kalau korang guna mozila pilih plugin container.exe

6. tukar kan Value Type kepada Text
7. Scan mission yg kamu hendak buat..

lvl39 = mission_83
lvl38 = mission_82
lvl37 = mission_80
lvl36 = mission_81
lvl35 = mission_79
lvl34 = mission_76
lvl33 = mission_78
lvl32 = mission_77
lvl31 = mission_75
lvl30 = mission_73
lvl28 = mission_72
lvl25 = mission_68
lvl22 = mission_62
lvl21 = mission_61
lvl20 = mission_60

7. Kita ambil contoh misi lvl39...
8. Scan "mission_83"
9. Akan muncul 1 address...klick 2x...
10. Ubah value nya jadi "mission_55"
11. klik Play dan kalian akan memainkn misi chunin exam part 1...
12. selesaikan mission...dan dapatkn XP dr mission lvl39

utk mission ujian chunin guna cara yg sama..
Chunin part 1: mission_55
Chunin part 2: mission_56
Chunin part 3: mission_57
Chunin part 4: mission_58
Chunin part 5: mission_59
Untuk lvl42-lvl59 

1. Buka NS
2. Masuk ke Mission Room
3. Pilih (Grade A) mission

4. Buka CE..
5. Pilih Process browser seperti yg di atas..
6. Scan mission yg kamu hendak buat.. 

lvl58 = mission_147
lvl56 = mission_148
lvl54 = mission_144
lvl52 = mission_143
lvl50 = mission_142
lvl48 = mission_141
lvl46 = mission_140
lvl44 = mission_139
lvl42 = mission_138

7. Kita ambil contoh misi lvl58...
8. Scan "mission_147"
9. Akan muncul 1 addreess...klik 2x...
10. Ubah value nya menjadi "mission_124"
11. klick Play dan kamu akan melawan 2 dummy...
12. selesaikan misi...dan dapatkn XP dr mission lvl58 

utk mission Ujian Jounin... caranya sama
mission_132 : hand seal (part1)
mission_133 : shinobi tower (part2)
mission_134 : kekkai (part3)
mission_135 : the element (part4)
mission_136 : orochi (part5) 

Mission TP
mission_170 : Secret TP Scroll
mission_171 : The Kekkai in The Forest
mission_172 : Weird Potion
mission_173 : Another TP Scroll

any question leave me a comment..
enjoy leveling guys.. i hope this hack really help u all..

ninja saga clothes hack!!

hehe.. hi allz.. ^_^.. sorry la lama x update blog hohoho.. 
hari nie cuma nak bagi korang 1 cheat yg best utk show off ja kt ninja saga :P...
benda2 yg di perlukan.. 
dan file swf nya.. download : Here


mustahil korang x pandai guna kan..
cheat tu still working.. suda sya test.. ^_^
confirm no ban.. :D enjoy..