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Hello my friends! :) first thing i want you all to know that i already connect my blog with my google+ account.. this is the 1st time i'm using google+ although i really don't understand how it's works.. but its similiar to others social network.. so i will try my best to do what i can.. so i will start all the introduction from the beginning well my name is sulyussuf sulaiman.. but you all can call me hafiz or my in game name (IGN) NaharaShuya i'm a gamers.. i'm still study.. the class i attend right now is called architecture drafting.. its a little bit hard for me but i'll try my best so when i finish study i can be a draftsman or architect wish me luck :).. erm.. there is so many thing i want to share.. but maybe i will post it later.. when the right time is come i will post it here.. you all just wait ok.. dont forget to follow me at my blog and all my social network thx >_^V

Friday, August 2, 2013

Play PSP Game For Free!!

Assalammualaikum and hello everyone.. today i'm so happy and excited because this morning i will return to my home land yeahh!!  \(^_^)/ my flight 9.20am so there's still time for me to packing up my things and share some usefull software for you guys.. but this software only for gamers la.. huehue.. =P

I'm well aware some of you guys really want to play playstation portable (PSP) games but dont have enough money to buy it, right? so in here i'll make your dream come true =P.. how much do you know about amulator? some of you maybe already know it.. and some of it don't so i'll tell you right now.. amulator is a software that help us to play any kind of console game through our pc.. that's include psp..

So the first thing you need is to download PPSSPP amulator.. pick 1 of this 2 link below based on your system type..

There is no installer yet, so just download the ZIP file and unpack it anywhere you like..

You may need to install the VC2010 redist (some DLL files). And if it still doesn't work, try installing the latest DirectX and OpenGL drivers for your graphics card

if you want to download psp game just go to this website Emuparadise search for psp ISO game then pick any game you want to play then download.. 
here is some of my Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 screenshot.. 

The graphics is good and the game run so smooth.. i'm sure you guys will enjoy this.. So that's all from me.. i hope my entry here will give a little help to you guys.. just give me a comment if you having a problem.. anyway thx for reading.. Assalammualaikum..