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Hello my friends! :) first thing i want you all to know that i already connect my blog with my google+ account.. this is the 1st time i'm using google+ although i really don't understand how it's works.. but its similiar to others social network.. so i will try my best to do what i can.. so i will start all the introduction from the beginning well my name is sulyussuf sulaiman.. but you all can call me hafiz or my in game name (IGN) NaharaShuya i'm a gamers.. i'm still study.. the class i attend right now is called architecture drafting.. its a little bit hard for me but i'll try my best so when i finish study i can be a draftsman or architect wish me luck :).. erm.. there is so many thing i want to share.. but maybe i will post it later.. when the right time is come i will post it here.. you all just wait ok.. dont forget to follow me at my blog and all my social network thx >_^V

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Favorite Game This Year!!..

Kamen Rider Climax Heroes
Naaaaaa... kamen rider bha nie.. haha.. nie la game yg sya suka main utk bulan nie.. ^_^.. walau pun x banyak skill2 durang tapi memang best nak main.. yg x best nya cuma ada 3 jer char tambahan.. zeronos, diend, dengan ixa.. huhuh...
aku bagi tau nie suma untuk peminat2 masked rider ja arr.. heheh..
habis kalau yg x minat main game tu memang x paham apa yg aku tulis kat sini kan.. hoho.. :P

Kamen Rider Climax Heroes W
yg nie pula cuma boleh di main kan kat Wii ja huhuh.. memang aku x merasa la nak main game nie.. sebab memang aku x kan beli Wii.. tengok kat youtube jer la.. hehehe...

Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO

yg nie pla to be released kat PSP and Wii... pada 2 december 2010... x sabar da nak main nie game hehehe.. ^_^.. tapi masalah nya psp sya da rosak.. >.<"... harap2 bulan nie dpt beli yg baru la.. amin2.. ^_^V


  1. Bagus gak main game ini.asah otak.yang penting tak lalai daripada tugas sebagai hamba Allah

  2. Inshallah x ustaz.. hehehe.. thx for comment >_^V