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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Come Join Me Play FlameKO

Hello Good Evening everyone!! =) there is one game i want to share with you all in here.. its up to you want to join me or not.. =P but i can confirm that you will like this game.. this game is called Flame Knight Online here is the website FlameKO

i know some of you know this game and some of you not know what type of game is this right? so in here i put my screenshot you can check it out.. 
this is my friends char.. but i'm using this char for now.. because maybe i will buy this account hehe.. =P i'm to lazy to do any farming item.. as you can see i'm on the human side.. the character i use is called warrior.. there are 3 more class assassing/archer, mage and priest.. 

this is what it looks like when we go into colony zone (player kill zone)
you can form a party up to 8 people.. join a clan.. then you can start killing the orc.. this game is all about a teamwork.. you can't survive if you play alone..
this is human base.. the orc can't enter here.. once you die in battle you will spawn in here again..
so if you want to join me in this game.. go download the game client then register an ID.. when you enter the game pm me.. i will be your guide.. =) my IGN "NaharaShuya" well i hope you guys can come so we can have fun together.. >_^V


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