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Hello my friends! :) first thing i want you all to know that i already connect my blog with my google+ account.. this is the 1st time i'm using google+ although i really don't understand how it's works.. but its similiar to others social network.. so i will try my best to do what i can.. so i will start all the introduction from the beginning well my name is sulyussuf sulaiman.. but you all can call me hafiz or my in game name (IGN) NaharaShuya i'm a gamers.. i'm still study.. the class i attend right now is called architecture drafting.. its a little bit hard for me but i'll try my best so when i finish study i can be a draftsman or architect wish me luck :).. erm.. there is so many thing i want to share.. but maybe i will post it later.. when the right time is come i will post it here.. you all just wait ok.. dont forget to follow me at my blog and all my social network thx >_^V

Saturday, July 27, 2013

I'm coming back!

Haii i'm back! good morning and happy ramadhan to all muslim in this world! How is your fasting going?? i hope its going well.. i'm a bit tired due to my lack of sleep but i'm fine.. erm.. i want to say sorry to you all because leave my blog silent since 2011.. there is so many thing happen in my life.. i stop working, continue studying, someone steal my motorcycle, i leave my girlfriends, becoming a full time gamers, etc.. all those thing make me forget about blogger.. but yesterday when i do my assignments at class, for a second my mind thinking about blog.. its seem i kinda miss my blog.. then i think i should give my blog a life again.. so i will start from today.. i will post anything that happen to me or arround me.. and i will use 2 language english or melayu(sabahan) boleh bha kan? because some of my follower not from malaysia.. they a gamers from turkey, brazil, etc.. and i will post something usefull like "how to play wechat, kakao talk, whatsapp, upload instagram picture using a pc" or "how to play psp game on your pc" and i will share you some of my cool anime that i've been watching and games that i've been playing.. and maybe give you a little story about my life at kuala lumpur..ermm.. i think thats all from me right now.. =) thx for reading and happy ramadhan day! 

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