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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hack Instant Mission for ninja saga

Good morning friends.. today i want to share some ninja saga hack with all of u... ^_^..
u want it?? u read it... u dont want it?? who cares?? huehuehue...
just kidding... =P

Wokey! first u need a Fiddler2.. 
Click here to download the Fiddler2..

after that u need to download this file..
ninja saga Instant Mission hack...
Click here to download 

how to use this hack??
its easy... even my grandma can do this hack to.. =P hehe..

ok get serius!.. i teach u step by step...after u done downloading those file.. install fiddler2.. then open ur browsers.. me use mozila.. u should can see fiddler on right side of ur browser..

right click on it.. then click use fiddler Automatically

1st step Run Fiddler2..
2nd step click AutoResponder then click Enable Automatic responses and Permit Passthrough for Unmatched Request..
3rd step extract GKscripters winrar.. and u should get the GKscripters folder..
4th step open the folder then drag the 2 file to fiddler2..
5th step login into ur facebook then play ninja saga... 

this hack is still working 100% and its safe.. if u are free user u can do premium mission to..
hack not made by me..
all credit goes to Godknows syndicate... 

i hope u guys enjoy it.. 
thx for reading and please leave me ur comment..

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