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Hello my friends! :) first thing i want you all to know that i already connect my blog with my google+ account.. this is the 1st time i'm using google+ although i really don't understand how it's works.. but its similiar to others social network.. so i will try my best to do what i can.. so i will start all the introduction from the beginning well my name is sulyussuf sulaiman.. but you all can call me hafiz or my in game name (IGN) NaharaShuya i'm a gamers.. i'm still study.. the class i attend right now is called architecture drafting.. its a little bit hard for me but i'll try my best so when i finish study i can be a draftsman or architect wish me luck :).. erm.. there is so many thing i want to share.. but maybe i will post it later.. when the right time is come i will post it here.. you all just wait ok.. dont forget to follow me at my blog and all my social network thx >_^V

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Best way to get Free Kaspersky!!

haii all!!.. i just want to ask.. did u give a full protection for ur pc/laptop or not?? allways get attacked by virus?? can't buy an antivirus because to expensive?? or dunno how to get it for free??

dont worry i will solve ur problem inshaALLAH..
This is my free Antivirus screenshot... 

1st thing u need to do is download an kaspersky 2010 or 2011..
i recommend for u to download this... 
kaspersky internet security 2011 trial

after that download this file...
Kaspersky Updated (21-01-2011) And Not Blacklisted Activation Key Files KAV+KIS DOWNLOAD 

this key is allways update.. for the key update visit this website..
make sure ur anti virus is turn off..
Kaspersky Has Blocked that Site( For Providing
Free Activation To Everyone. There Is No Virus/Trojan Or Phishing Attack In This Sites.

how to Activate kaspersky? just read activation method for 2010 and 2011.. i have test it and its working perfectly.. thx for reading...
leave me a comment.. >_^V...

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