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Monday, January 17, 2011

Ninja saga simple hack..

I'm feel so bored.. so i post this..
how to hack body akatsuki weapon samehada and back item..

see ur self!.. 

Tools u need:
fiddler2 click here to download...

this is the link for the hack file.. 
akatsuki samehada and back item hack 

how to use??
run fiddler2..
click AutoResponder then click enable automatic responses and permit passthrough for unmatched request..
after that just drag the file from the hack Folder to fiddler2..
then open ninja saga...

u must equip this item to make this hack working..
noobie custom male = akatsuki clothes
kunai = weapon samehada
ninja bag = back item emblem...

but this hack only change skin... for weapon samehada its damage is just a same as kunai.. that make this cheat is just for show!... hahahah :P

sorry for my bad inglish.. :P 

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