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Hello my friends! :) first thing i want you all to know that i already connect my blog with my google+ account.. this is the 1st time i'm using google+ although i really don't understand how it's works.. but its similiar to others social network.. so i will try my best to do what i can.. so i will start all the introduction from the beginning well my name is sulyussuf sulaiman.. but you all can call me hafiz or my in game name (IGN) NaharaShuya i'm a gamers.. i'm still study.. the class i attend right now is called architecture drafting.. its a little bit hard for me but i'll try my best so when i finish study i can be a draftsman or architect wish me luck :).. erm.. there is so many thing i want to share.. but maybe i will post it later.. when the right time is come i will post it here.. you all just wait ok.. dont forget to follow me at my blog and all my social network thx >_^V

Monday, February 7, 2011

Never give ur email and password to someone u dont know..

Hello friends.. and good evening.. =D 
my entry today maybe very usefull for everyone..
Yesterday i met this boy at facebook 

his name is Krishna Cool "Cool la kunun HAK PUI!!" 
i'm telling u guys/girls never trust this boy.. especially for ninja saga player.. becoz yesterday he try tu scam my fb account.. 

he said he will help me to get an emblem and make me a premium user at ninja saga.. but i must give him my email and password first.. What Tha Fark!! padahal dia sendiri free user.. cis.. jahanam punya budak keling...

anyway he is not alone.. he got a backup account too.. his name is harry potpot 

maybe he is krishna comrade atau pun budak keling tu punya 2nd account sendiri.. utk backup2 la kunun law tembelang dia pecah..
bagi yg suda terpedaya tu apa bleh wat.. lain kali jgn pecaya ckp org2 mcm ini lagi okey.. contoh mcm durang nie nasib baik dpt balik account tu..

so ambik pengajaran k.. kalau ada org mcm nie kamu jumpa jgn di layan.. biar dia jadi gila sendiri2.. better u block them... i will delete their account later.. "kalau dpt la" xP

so thats all from me today... u guys can copy this entry if u want.. or share it.. ^_^ thx for reading and dont forget be my follower.. ^_^ bye2.. Assalammualaikum..


  1. astaganaga....main game pun mau hack urang punya akaun ah...doi! gila tu anak ;P suruh dia bat akaun sendiri banyak2 ...hahaha

  2. itu la.. hahaha.. dia buat banyak2 account pun tapi law noob nda guna juga.. tu pasal la dia mo pi minta2 email ma password org tu gara2 telampau noob terpaksa minta sedekah di fb huahuahuaa.. bikin kesian nie.. tapi x patut di kasihan pun..