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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2hit Ninja saga kill Bosses using CE

hyee guys.. thx for coming to my blog.. there is so many noobs want me to help them kill bosses in ninja saga.. what a bunch of idiots.. i can delete ur acc if i want or change password.. thank god i'm a good person.. thats is ur account ur fb so play it for ur self la.. 

so starting from today.. i will not help anyone to kill bosses again..
read my post here and try to understand it.. "kalau x paham bukak kamus" xD..

i teach u all step by step ok..
1. open CE "cheat engine" 
2. Select a process then choose “plugin-container.exe”
3. Go to the Hunting House then choose the boss you want to battle
4. Click attack
5. Then scan the HP of the boss you are battling
• 7293 – ginkotsu
• 12760 - shikigami yanki
• 27950 - gedo sessho seki
• 12052 - wind tengu
• 15819 - fire tengu
• 75816 – byakko
• 90720 - ape king
• 132800 - battle turtle

6. In cheat engine scan type “exact value”, value type “4 bytes”
7. Copy all the selected items to the address list
8. Click Value and put 10
9. Attack or use a skill then the boss is dead 

NOTE:clear cache to use again the cheat...
Credits to : Godknowscripters (Godknows Yhumz & Godknows Ejay) 
happy killing.. and gud luck.. >_^V

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